Controls & Alarms

Download the Orenco Controls & Monitoring Products Catalog (PDF)

Level Controls

Level controls are available in a variety of models. Controls can make homeowner aware of high level conditions, low level conditions, and some controls can connect to some effluent filter models and advise when it is time to clean the filter.

Mechanical Controls for Demand and Time Dosing

Orenco’s Electromechanical Control Panels are designed for basic simplex or duplex motor/pump applications. Electromechanical panels offer greater tolerance to temperature extremes and corrosive environments, and they use standard components generally available from local vendors for ease of replacement.

Digital Controls for Demand and Time Dosing

Orenco’s MVP Logic Control Panels offer maximum reliability and flexibility in control. Their easy-to-use factory-programmed logic unit incorporates many timing and logic functions, such as multiple timing intervals to adjust for changing conditions and a built-in elapsed time meter and counter.

Remote Telemetry Controls

Orenco’s VeriComm (VCOM) line of affordable telemetry control panels, coupled with the VeriComm Web-based Monitoring System, has been designed specifically for decentralized wastewater collection and treatment for residential systems.