Discharge Assemblies, Floats & Accessories


Orenco float switches are used to signal liquid level positions for alarm and pump control applications. Float switch housings are impact-resistant, noncorrosive PVC plastic for use in liquids up to 140° F (60° C). Float switch cords are flexible, two-conductor SJOW with a water-resistant neoprene coating. Float switch assemblies can be mounted in pump vaults, effluent screens, pump basins, and risers. All models are UL listed and CSA certified for use in water or sewage.

Discharge Assemblies

Orenco® Discharge Assemblies are used to transport effluent from a pump to a location or component that is downstream in the treatment train. High-head and low head configurations are available, as well as a drainback feature that can be included with high-head or low head discharge assemblies.


Float Clips, Float tree brackets, flex connections. Little things can make the difference when servicing and maintaining a pumping system.