Discharge Assemblies

Hose & Valve Assemblies

Orenco® Discharge Assemblies are used to transport effluent from a pump to a location or component that is downstream in the treatment train. High-head and low head configurations are available, as well as a drainback feature that can be included with high-head or low head discharge assemblies.

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Solvent-welded or threaded and sealed connections
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Optional cam-style quick-disconnect fittings
  • Flexible hose to dampen pump vibrations and simplify installation and maintenance
  • Drainback feature for shallowly buried tanks and transport lines in cold climates
  • 1-inch, 1¼-inch, 1½-inch, and 2-inch nominal diameter piping available (25-mm, 32-mm, 40-mm, and 50-mm DN)
  • High-pressure
  • Cold-weather kits available

Sample Product Codes*

  • HV100Q-DB — discharge assembly; 1-inch nominal diameter
    (25-mm DN); quick-disconnect fitting; drainback
  • HV125 — discharge assembly; 1¼-inch nominal diameter
    (32-mm); field-cut to length
  • HV150XQ — discharge assembly; 1½-inch nominal diameter
    (40-mm DN); external flex hose; quick-disconnect fitting
  • HV200ASQ — discharge assembly; 2-inch nominal diameter
    (50-mm DN); anti-siphon; quick-disconnect fitting


Hose & Valve Assemblies
Flex Extensions (HVX)

Orenco® Flex Extensions are recommended for installations where tank settling may occur, to avoid line breakage during settling.

  • PVC flex hose extension
  • 1-inch, 1¼-inch, 1½-inch, and 2-inch nominal diameters for discharge available (25-mm, 32-mm, 40-mm, and 50-mm DN)


Flex Extensions (HVX)