EasyPak Pump Package

OrencoEZPak_w__92514.1410659195.1280.1280A drainfield is worth thousands of dollars and may, in fact, be irreplaceable. EasyPak protects it with three built-in Biotube filter cartri

dges that prevent solids from clogging the drainfield or other downstream components. EasyPak also includes a long-lasting, high-performing 4″ turbine pump. All EasyPak turbine pumps include a 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship from the date of manufacture. Try to get a warranty like that for a “pump on a block”! Yet EasyPak provides all these benefits at a price that’s comparable to the pieces and parts of a low-head “pump on a block.”

Demand-dose and timed-dose packages are available. Note that all EasyPak vaults are a low-profile design — just 15″ high — which allows pumping to nearly the bottom of the tank. An industry first for filtering pump vaults.