Septic & Holding Tanks

Polyethelene septic tanks have come a long way in their construction and strength. There are a variety of models and manufacturers available, each with their own unique qualities.

Infiltrator Septic Tanks

Infiltrator system is a manufacture of 2 septic tank lines. The TW series tank is septic tank available in three sizes as well as two sizes of pumping chambers. The IM series tank is an injection molded polypropylene tank. Using a process similar to that used for making their chambers.

ZCL Water Storage Tanks & Products

ZCL offers underground and aboveground tank options that can be used for a variety of applications including storage of fuel / petroleum, potable water,wastewater and other hazardous chemicals. Tanks are available in diameters of 4′ to 12′ with storage capabilities up to 190,000 liters.