Infiltrator Septic Tanks

Infilt-SepticTanksInfiltrator system is a manufacture of the IM Series septic tanks.   The IM series tank is an injection molded polypropylene tank, a process similar to that used for making their drainfield chambers. Infiltrator currently uses the Worlds largest low pressure injection molding machine to fabricate the IM1530 tank.


 IM™Series Septic TanksIM-cutaway

The Infiltrator IM Series Septic Tank is a lightweight strong and durable septic tank. This watertight tank design is offered with Infiltrator’s line of custom-fit risers and heavy-duty lids. Infiltrator injection molded tanks provide a revolutionary improvement in plastic septic tank design, offering long-term exceptional strength and watertightness.






Total Storage Volume: 552 gal (2089 L)

Size: 64.9″L x 61.7″W x 54.6″H (1648 mm x 1567 mmx 1387 mm)

One access port: 24″ (610 mm)

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Septic Tank Effective Volume: 1094 gal (4141 L)

Total Storage Volume: 1287 gal (4872 L)

Size: 127″L x 62.2″W x 54.7″H (3226 mm x 1580 mmx 1389 mm)
Two access ports: 24″ (610 mm)

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Septic Tank Effective Volume: 1537 gal (5818 L)
Total Storage Volume: 1765 gal (6681 L)

Size: 176″L x 62″W x 55″H (4460 mm x 1567 mmx 1384 mm)

Three access ports: 24″ (610 mm)

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