Risers & Adapters

Whether you have a plastic or concrete septic tank it will need to be pumped every 3-5 years. This will mean digging if your tank is buried.

By using risers and tank adapters you can raise the lids on your concrete or plastic tank up to grade making the tank accessable year round for pumping, filter cleaning, and any maintenance that needs to be completed. You don’t want to have a blockage and backup and have to dig up your tank in January.

Polylok Adapters

Polylok offers tank adapters and adapter rings for concrete and plastic tank conversions. By installing the adapters onto your existing tank you will make it ready to receive the Polylok riser system and lids. Available in 20″ and 24″ diameter.

Orenco Adapters & Lids

Orenco offers solution for both concrete and plastic tank conversions. Their heavy duty fiberglass adapters and lids are designed to work with the very strong ultrarib or perma-lok pipe by IPEX.


EZset is a product made by Infiltrator Systems. As well as being the primary riser system for Infiltrator’s brand of IM and TW series tanks, EZset also offers tank adapters and lids for use when converting an existing concrete tank.

Premier Tech

Premier Tech’s tank adapter is one of the largest available. Some concrete tank’s existing openings are larger than the average 30″ tank adapter can accommodate.