Wet Wells

ZCLs’ extensive fibreglass fabrication experience has been applied to the development of custom wet wells, lift stations with adjoining valve boxes for municipal wastewater systems, as well as vertically buried basins incorporated into industrial fluid-handling equipment systems. Often, these wet well systems incorporate horizontally buried underground storage tanks, which are at the heart of the ZCL product line.

We offer products in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 foot diameter or greater with burial depths up to 50 feet in depth. This flexibility provides customers a superior alternative to concrete and in a range of sizes where fibreglass options have limited availability.

Factory assembly of the components of a complete lift station is available through business partners that ZCL has established a relationship with, significantly reducing field installation time.

There are many unique advantages to fibreglass products that simply can’t be matched by concrete products.


  • Corrosion resistance without special liners
  • Light weight – a fraction of the weight of concrete
  • Extensive manufacturing capabilities with multiple North American facilities
  • Experienced technical support for product design and installation
  • Wide range of storage tanks available to compliment wet well system design needs
  • Quick installation minimizes impact of changing weather conditions at job sites and reduces cost