• Advantex Family

    Meet the Advantex Family, Residential, commercial and Communal solutions
  • Infiltrator Tanks

    Light, durable, dependable and affordable Septic tanks from Infiltrator Systems
  • Risers

    Springs around the corner, bring those concrete or plastic septic tank lids up to grade
  • VeriComm

    Control panel with a brain, Vcom monitors, observes and reports silently and dependably.
  • Dekorra Rocks

    Hide tank lids, well pipes, controls or simply create a rock accent in a garden. Dekorra Rocks offer over 20 models of all shapes, sizes and colours to meet your needs.
  • Puraflo

    Advanced treatment in a modular format. Puraflo modules are constructed using high density Peat fibre from Ireland. Advanced treatment for residential or remote locations.
  • Advantex AXRT

    Prepackaged plug and play, high performance residential treatment

The Septic Store is a supplier of all the components required for the installation of conventional septic systems, as well as advanced treatment systems.

We stock a wide variety of pumps and controls, pipe and fittings, risers, adapters, effluent filters, tanks and pumping chambers as well as the most advanced technology on the market in wastewater treatment.

We provide homeowners with contact information for Installers, Engineers, and Designers as well as provide maintenance for those requiring septic system maintenance for previously installed or new systems.