Effluent Pump Packages

Eliminate the hassle of building a pump station with individual components by selecting a pump package that meets your needs. Preboxed components are selected and assembled to a point to make installation on site as easy as possible. A couple of quick cuts and the installation is complete.

EasyPak Pump Package

Orenco’s Biotube® EasyPak™ is the first pump package designed specifically for use in pump tanks. No more “pump on a block.” No more parts and pieces. Everything you need, in a single box, ready-to-install, ready to drop into a pump tank. EasyPak makes for faster installations, fewer installation errors, and fewer call-backs.

Propak Pump Package

ProPak™ Pump Packages from Orenco Systems are a proven, cost effective solution for transporting effluent in an onsite septic system. They are used in single-tank systems with either one or two compartments.