Wastewater Pumping Products

Download the Orenco Wastewater Pumping Products Catalog (PDF)

Discharge Assemblies, Floats & Accessories

There is a variety of discharge assemblies, floats, float trees, and a selection of accessories available. Accessories and equipment will vary depending on pump and panel selection as well as specific site conditions and intended application.

Distribution Valves

Orenco® Distributing Valve Assemblies are used to dose filtered effluent to multiple-zone pressure distribution systems including drainfields, textile filters, and sand filters. They are automatically operated by mechanical means with a combination of pressure and flow to sequentially redirect the pump’s flow to multiple zones or cells.

Pump Vaults & Flow Inducers

Biotube® Pump Vaults manufactured by Orenco® are used to filter effluent that is being pumped from septic tanks or separate dosing tanks in on-site wastewater systems and effluent sewers.
Flow Inducers are used to house high head effluent pumps after treatment or filtration.

Pump Basins

Orenco® Pump Basins are used to house high-head pumps or low-head pumps in a variety of residential and commercial wastewater systems and other pumping applications. They are also used to house UV disinfection units in onsite wastewater systems.