Distribution Valves

Orenco® Distributing Valve Assemblies are used to dose filtered effluent to multiple-zone pressure distribution systems including drainfields, textile filters, and sand filters. They are automatically operated by mechanical means  with a combination of pressure and flow  to sequentially redirect the pump’s flow to multiple zones or cells.DistributionValve_400x

  • Automatic, mechanical operation
  • Multiple flow ranges available
  • Allows use of smaller horsepower pumps on large drainfields and sand filters
  • Schedule 40 PVC fittings, unions, ball valves, and pipe
  • ABS polymer and stainless steel distribution valves
  • 2-4 outlet units and 5-6 outlet units available
  • 1-¼ inch or 1-½ inch NPS (32 or 40 mm DN) inlet and outlet sizes
  • 170-foot or 345-foot (52-m or 105-m) maximum head pressures available
  • Custom-built enclosures available

Each Distributing Valve Assembly is built to the specific needs of a particular drainfield or system. For information on ordering a Distributing Valve Assembly for your project, call Orenco. Custom-built enclosures are available for Orenco Distributing Valve Assemblies.